Preserved at Neighbor is the idea that two business can align and bring each other the help they need to grow. Elizabeth V, the owner of Preserved, was working at Neighbor during the holiday season in order to gain retail experience. At the time she was actively looking for her own storefront and the experience was proving to be costly and difficult.

There are so many complimentary aspects to Neighbor and Preserved, it seemed right to ask Elizabeth if she would like to build a space in the Neighbor backyard. This union has been mutually beneficial to us all and we feel honored to help a fellow business woman on her path to success.
— Neighbor co-owner Dana Olson.

PRESERVED is a specialty retail store focused on traditional methods of preservation.

They feature affordable classes and do-it-yourself supplies for canning, fermenting, cheese-making, brewing, herbal medicine and more. Preserved also provide a community-oriented space to learn, share and shop for healthful products to enrich your pantry. 

You can find Preserved's shed out in the backyard of Neighbor.




Wednesday - Sunday
12pm to 6pm

Closed Monday & Tuesday